New Zealand & Australia

New Zealand and Australia’s prime hunting seasons are reversed from those here in North America. Package hunts are available that include trophy fees as well as single specie hunts on a trophy fee basis.  Both countries are hunter friendly with flights departing from the U.S. on a daily basis.  These are great destinations to bring along those non-hunters for as little as $200/day.  While in Australia, a visit to Sydney, Melbourne or the Great Barrier Reef can easily be arranged.  Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are located here so it makes for the perfect vacation spot for everyone.  On New Zealand’s South Island there are many types of tours that can be arranged to suit you such as wine tours, jet boating, helicopter tours, sightseeing and shopping.



Australian Water Buffalo - $7,900(1X1) or $6,900(2X1)   7 days in the Northern Territory with cabin and/or african-style tented camp; 2nd Buffalo can be taken for $2,500 trophy fee

Australian Water Buffalo/Banteng Combo - $15,500(1X1) or $12,500 (2X1)   10 days to include trophy fee for one Buffalo bull and one Banteng bull

Cull hunts for feral animals can be arranged with price negotiable as each area and hunt is different.


New Zealand

We work with two operators on the South Island of New Zealand and, between them, they are hunting over 70,000 acres of private property and offering concession hunts as well. 

Red Stag Package - $6,000   5 days all inclusive for bulls scoring 300” to 340” SCI

Red Stag Package - $9,500   5 days all inclusive for bulls scoring 340” to 380” SCI

Red Stag Package - $15,000   5 days all inclusive for bulls scoring 380”+ SCI

Tahr/Chamois Combo- $8,000   5 days all inclusive for both species

Red Stag/Tahr/Chamois Combo - $12,500   7 days all inclusive for three species with the stag scoring up to 340” SCI or can be upgraded as listed above

Additional species available in New Zealand are:  Fallow Deer, Wapiti (Elk), Sika Deer, Wild Boar, South Pacific Ram, Rusa Deer, Sambar and Feral Goat